Vote Early

Tuesday, October 15th - Saturday, October 31st

Early voting is the most flexible way to vote in person! ​You can...

  • Vote at ANY early voting location in your county. Find your closest Durham County early voting site, bus routes, and wait times here.

  • Update your existing voter registration at early voting. Not sure if you're registered at your current address? Check here.

  • Register to vote for the first time AND vote. If you've missed the October 9th voter registration deadline, this is the only way you can vote. You must provide proof of residence. See a list of acceptable documents on page 2 of this notice.

View Durham County's early voting plan below or click here! Not in Durham? Find your county's early voting plan here.

Things to know:

  • There is NO early voting the Sunday before the election.

  • In Durham, early voting closes at 3 pm the Saturday before the election.

  • If you are in line by 3 pm, you WILL be allowed to vote. Do NOT get out of line.

Find out more about Early Voting at the State Board of Elections' website or the Durham County Board of Elections' website.

If you have trouble voting, call the NC Election Protection Hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683).

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